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Mosquito Bob On The Job!

Continues to serve his hometown


Let's start out with a little information about me. I'm an army brat. My dad moved the family back to his home place from Berlin in 1963. He retired shortly after that. I grew up in Clayton and eventually started my career with the Postal Service as a letter carrier in 1981 as a 23 year old. Throughout my childhood I used to watch the cargo planes fly overhead on the way to Pope Air Force Base. I started going to air shows and finally at 28 years of age I joined the Air Force Reserve and started loading those cargo planes. I retired after 32 years of doing that in July of 2018. I recently retired from the Postal Service at the end of July in 2021. 


I am 63 and after walking 8 miles a day for the last eight years I didn't want to just go sit on the couch and die. I wanted to do something where I was my own boss, where I set my own hours, and I wanted to find something that would still be helpful to the community.


After thinking about it for a while, Mosquito Bob was born! Here's my opportunity to be on my feet working, solving a family's problem, and making a little money.



Here's how it works

I will come out and walk your yard and give you a quote. If I see something that might help you keep mosquitoes away I will let you know. I will spray all your bushes and shrubs within 125 ft. of your home. This pesticide stays on the leaves and shrubs for approximately 21 to 24 days and  kills mosquitoes, spiders and ticks along with 75 other insects. The more shrubs and trees you have in the yard is actually an advantage because the mosquitoes go there to hang out. Once they touch the leaves the pesticide acts as a nerve agent and paralyzes them and kills them immediately.


I have posted a picture of my house and as you can see I am surrounded by wooded areas because I am in the edge of the woods. I'd like to thank Donald Lambert who used to own No Skeeters. He convinced me to try his services and I have to say I was skeptical at first because I was surrounded by woods. I have not had a mosquito in 3 years because of the treatments. 



The more trees and shrubs, the better!




Start enjoying the great outdoors again!

Outdoor Barbecue



To be the most effective, a treatment is needed every 21 - 24 days.



919-524-9395 or

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