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See what they are saying about Mosquito Bob!

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"Hey Robert, 


I have to say I was skeptical about using a repellant to rid my yard of pesky mosquitoes.  All summer long I have been unable to enjoy my patio and pergola.  After spending a lot of money trying different ways to stop this problem, I decided to call MOSQUITO BOB.  And today, for the first time all summer, I was able to sit and enjoy my tea without being attacked by those thirsty bloodsuckers.  MOSQUITO BOB assured me they would be gone after he sprayed, and he was right!

Bob showed up on time and was very personable.  The cost of the treatment was very reasonable.  He told me not to worry about my dogs and flower garden, that there would be nothing to harm or destroy them and he was right.  After a couple hours, the dogs were able to run around and enjoy the yard.  And now there is less worry about them being harmed by mosquitoes.   I am finally getting to enjoy my yard!   Thank you, MOSQUITO BOB!"


Jim Bahm

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"Robert Poole has always gone above and beyond to make sure our mosquito needs are taken care of.


I haven't seen any flying pests since he took over from another pest control company we had hired. Robert is courteous, prompt, and has the utmost respect for his clients and their yards!"


Woody Bailey,

Clayton, NC

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" I have been using Robert for mosquito control this season. I could not be more pleased with his services! I can always tell when it is time for his next visit, a few days before I start seeing a few flies but I never have to call, he is always on time, sprays much more area than he quoted, and I have not seen a mosquito this year!  Given the fact that I live near a creek and a pond, that is amazing.

I would highly recommend Robert for your mosquito control. He is professional and very efficient. 


Give him a call!"



Debbie Johnson


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"When I first talked to Robert about spraying for mosquitoes, I was excited because it seemed like if there is a mosquito within 2 miles of me, they find me. Before he sprayed, I was concerned because as a gardener I was afraid that it would affect the pollinators. Robert said where he was spraying would not affect them.  He came out in the afternoon to spray.


The next morning the first thig I did was check the plants I found them full of pollinators, and I have not seen a mosquito since


He is dependable and efficient in his work." 

Cliff from Clayton

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"Our yard backs up to a swampy area. Needless to say, we had pretty serious issues with mosquitos. I love spending time in the yard, but it was becoming unbearable.


I called up Mosquito Bob and asked if he could help with the problem. He was responsive and came right out to evaluate our situation. He explained the entire process thoroughly and told us that we had a suitable yard for treatment. We had the yard treated every 3 weeks beginning at the start of summer.


No more mosquitos! If you want to eradicate those pesky blood suckers from your yard, I highly recommend you call up Mosquito Bob."

Matthew Shaftner

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"Robert provides amazing customer service.  He is very personable.  He cares about the quality of his work and he has excellent communication skills.


We are very pleased with his level of professionalism and how well his product works.


If you have mosquito problems we highly recommend Mosquito Bob!"

Abrial Gorman

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"We use Robert from Mosquito Bob for our mosquito problem and are highly satisfied!  We are always out in our yard and have been mosquito free since he started spaying in June.


I highly recommend Robert!  He is personable and explains how it works!

Thanks Robert

Staff Curtis

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"Hi Robert,

Here is a testimonial for your website.

I have known Robert for years as the mail carrier for my office in downtown Clayton.  When I heard that he was retiring from the USPS and starting with Mosquito Bob, I asked Robert to service my large, wooded yard.  The price was fair and he applied the first mosquito treatment within days.  Robert is an honest, hard worker with a process that works.


I haven’t seen a mosquito since he sprayed!  I highly recommend Robert and Mosquito Bob."

Scott Parrish

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"I called Mosquito Bob after seeing our first mosquitos while sitting on the porch this June.  He responded promptly, discussed the process thoroughly, and was out the next day to treat our yard.  We spend a lot of time on our porch daily, and we've yet to see another mosquito since he started treatment.


They used to chase us inside! We have pets and potted plants/flowers, and the solution he uses is 100% safe for them.  I couldn't recommend Mosquito Bob more highly!


Tom C.

East 2nd Street


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